Why are Belts and Hoses Important?

Your vehicle takes you from one destination to the next with great efficiency. In order to keep your car in working order, you need to consider routine maintenance and repairs. There are many components that help your car to run, and your belts and hoses are no exception. Let's explore what makes these auto parts so important to the performance of your vehicle.

What do your hoses and belts do? The hoses help to transfer the fluids and pressure between your vehicle's components, and your belts help to drive your alternator, cooling fans, power steering system, air condition compressor, and water pump. While your belts and hoses are manufactured to withstand extreme temperature shifts and the mileage you put on your vehicle, keep in mind that they do wear down over time. You may start to notice small cracks in them or performance issues with your vehicle.

Come to Village Dodge at the first sign of malfunction or to keep up with the manufacturer-recommended service schedule. Our skilled team will service or replace your components so that you can get back to enjoying your Hudson, New York adventures.

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