What is the Purpose of Brake Fluid?

A type of hydraulic fluid, brake fluid serves an important purpose in the safe operation of an automobile. Brake fluid serves to amplify the pressure of the brake mechanism when it comes to slowing or stopping the movement of a vehicle.

Brake fluid is fundamental to the proper, effective operation of a vehicle's braking system. If brake fluid is low, fouled or dirty, or even drained, the brakes on a car will not function properly. This can present a major safety hazard for the operator of a vehicle.

Our team at Village Dodge can assist with proper maintenance of brake systems, including brake fluid. Automotive experts typically suggest that brake fluid be drained or changed between one to two years. Overall mileage and use of a vehicle dictates where on this spectrum brake fluid draining should occur.

If you have any issues or concerns regarding your car's brake fluid, or if you think it is time for maintenance, schedule brake service at our Hudson, NY dealership.

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