New Jeep Grand Cherokee Offers Exciting Exterior Features

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee has many features that set it apart as a leading SUV, but the exterior features are definitely turning heads with drivers. Explore some of the exterior updates with the Village Dodge sales team today!

The Automatic High-Beam Headlamps make driving your new Grand Cherokee at night easier and safer. The high beams give you more of the road to see, and they detect when a car is coming and drop to a low beam to make it easier for others to see. Once the vehicle moves by your Jeep, the high beam feature toggles back.

Your new Grand Cherokee has a CommandView dual-pane panoramic sunroof too. The front of the sunroof opens and slides back so that everyone inside can enjoy the outdoors. The rear panel of the sunroof gives occupants a clear view too, and has a shade to keep the sun from heating up the interior.

Stop at our Jeep sales center if you would like to take the new Grand Cherokee for a test drive.



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